About the PGAI

The Professional Golfers Association of India (PGAI) is a society registered under the Societies Act as of 29th March 1998. The Registered office of the PGAI is C/O Delhi Golf Club and Administrative Office is located at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Brigadier Rajbir Chopra, Mr Prakash Bhandari, Mr Manjit Singh, Mr Ram Dayal, Mr Simran Singh, Mr Raj Kumar Pitambar, Mr Brandon de Souza, Mr Amar Singh, Mr VK Choudhry, Mr Ajay Gupta, Mr Bunty Randhawa, Mr Lakshman Singh, Mr Rohtas Singh and Mr Surendra Lal were 14 founding members of the PGA of India.

The Board of Management, which consists of elected/co-opted members, manages the affairs of the PGA of India. MEMBERSHIP

Membership of the PGAI is available to professional golfers, golf professionals and others as per the rules and regulations. PGAI members are from all over India as also from countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UK, and the USA. The existing number of members of the PGAI is over 400.

The office of PGAI was set up at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and in 1997 a decision was taken by the Board of Management to award the commercial rights on the Tour to an outside agency (Tiger Sports Marketing won the bid) for guaranteed prize money on the Tour.


Apart from the normal organising work at various professional events, the PGAI is also involved with the following:

  1. Administrative work
  2. Conducting mini tour events
  3. Conducting the Q-School

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